Aims & Objectives

The primary objective of SITA is to act as a catalyst for growth of IT industries in South Gujarat. Of course, the other objective includes facilitation of trade and business in IT. The objectives of SITA are achieved by following strategies: Maintain a state-of-the-art of information database of hardware, software, peripherals, power equipment Internet, e-commerce and IT enabled services and other related activities in South Gujarat.

  • Encourage members to provide world-class quality products, services and solutions in South Gujarat, helps in building brand equity for IT industry.
  • Provides value-added services to its members.
  • Formulate strategies to help implementing policies and technologies for IT people.
  • Develop a competitive South Gujarat IT Industry.
  • Prompt usage of IT in South Gujarat.
  • Strengthens the role of IT in National Economic Development.
  • To represent to the Government Authorities for the commercial interests & Problems of members of the Association.
  • To educate customers and consumers on product sourcing and purchases best suitable for his needs through customer awareness drives.