To satisfy the aims of SITA , it has planned few activities to be carried out and same are listed below. Suggestions are welcome to add new & innovative activities to enrich the capacity and satisfy the interest of SITA .

  • To hold trade fairs and exhibition on regular basis.
  • To organize seminar from time to time.
  • To provide opportunity to the members of the Association to organize displays and introduction of any of their new products or service among the fellow members.
  • To organize the special general meets of members of the Association for inter-exchange of innovations, developments and ideas in the I.T. trade for the benefit of all members.
  • To publish the trade directory of the members of the Association and to make it available to all members free-of-cost and to any other person at nominal price.
  • To maintain an Internet website to provide information about SITA & its members and to increase interaction amongst the members.
  • SITA has taken active interest & initiative to form federation of IT Associations of Gujarat to make representation to the Government & other authorities as and when required for the common INTEREST.