About SITA

South Gujarat Information Technologists Association ( SITA ) is the apex body of I.T. trade in South Gujarat, which covers the regions of Surat, Ankleshwar, Bharuch, Navsari, Valsad, Vapi. It has emerged as the authentic voice of I.T. Industry in this part of Gujarat.

SITA is a non-profit organization formed on 3rd July 1996 to facilitate I.T. trade and industry and encourage technological advancements in this region. Since its inception, SITA has been able to garner a lot of respect from the society. Because of SITA 's commitment, to promote I.T. by way of organizing seminars, road shows, workshops, and exhibitions, to the citizens, it has gained a special place in everyone's' heart. The spirit of unity, goodwill & friendliness amongst the members of SITA is the first fruit of the efforts put in by the founders of the organization.

Because of the consistent efforts pumped in by SITA , it has been able to preserve and improve the commercial competence and interests of fellow members. The Association envisages improving the overall quality of the trade & industry by way of constantly upgrading its members and society, in general, with the latest technologies and upcoming trends in I.T. through various means of communications as mentioned above.

In meeting its commitment to the society, SITA is actively involved with the District Industries Centre ( DIC ), Surat, to help & support the educated unemployed youth to start their own businesses by acquiring I.T. infrastructure like computers etc. There are a lot of success stories in evidence to this.

Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry ( SGCCI ), the apex organization of business & industry in South Gujarat, has supported the Association for improving the I.T. awareness in this region. SITA is also very well represented in the Chamber's I.T. committee. The first public event where SGCCI & SITA joined hands together was UDYOG-2000 - The mega show of all industries, organized in the month of Feb-2000, where SITA 's PC EXPO 2000 was co-organized. The joint efforts made this event a milestone in Surat's history.

But, there are still many stones left unturned. One of them is making Surat the perfect I.T. destination for national as well as international I.T. companies by way of organizing & planning an Infotech Park in the city. SITA & SGCCI are working very closely on this project and looking at the developments happening the days are not far when Surat would be the first choice to put up an I.T. industry in India. The main ingredient of any I.T. venture is technically skilled work force and finance. SITA is in touch with the premier education institutes of South Gujarat viz. South Gujarat University, to impart I.T. education and add various I.T. courses and increase the number of seats in the currently running I.T. courses. It is a humble appeal to all individuals & organizations to support SITA for the cause. The Association in committed to make Surat the I.T. capital of not only Gujarat but also whole India.